MCL Hockey


Banquet, Final games & Summer League

We are coming on last stretch of games, 1 more night and we get to crown the champions. Once the winners are determined for the Friday and Monday League, we'll be able to celebrate with a banquet on May 5, 2015 at 8pm. The location will be Broadway on Portobello, hope to see you all there. For those who wish to continue the fun they had this season we still have room in the summer league, but hurry send an email

Thank You


Dan Bergeron and HTBHL are running a Fund Raiser mix Ball hockey tournament on April 25, 2015. All proceeds will be going to l'ecole Horizon-Jeunesse. For more detail click here or Email


Good News, our good friend Wes Tam has finally finished his game "Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions" (he was the creative director). It can be downloaded from "the best new games" in the featured section of the app store. If you ask him nicely or buy him a beer he may be inclined to share a few cheat codes. Congratulation Wes! Good Job!


The season is progressing well, I would just like to remind everyone that MCL hockey is a fun non-contact league. Players come to have a good night of fun. Verbal abuse will also not be tolerated and will result in a game misconduct penalty. This is the only warning you're getting. Referee, clock person, players and the other helpers of the league are doing their best to make it a fun environment, please show them some respect and courtesy

Thank you


The Season is underway. To get a prelude of the teams, see the report from our own TSN analyst Adam Gough by visiting the Friday or Monday League info sections. Thank you