MCL Hockey

April 12, 2016

The MCL hockey banquet will be held at Broadway on Portobello on Saturday April 23 starting at 7h30pm. As in the past MCL Hockey will cover the appetizer style menu, you are responsible for your own drinks. no drinking and driving will be tolerated so please plan ahead. Come celebrate with teammates and foes, it will surely be a good time

The games on Friday April 22, will be at Franco-Jeunesse, as the des sentiers school is not available.

Summer Registration

MCL Hockey online registration is ready. Go to to register, if you do not want to register online, simply send an email to info@mclhockey

For more information on the registration go to

2016-03-07 - Summer Leagues

I know most of you are trying to plan their summer activities, so here is what MCL Hockey has to offer for this upcoming season.

We will again be having arena Mix ball hockey 5 on 5 on Friday nights. This year all the games but one will be played at Fred Barett Arena. It promises to be a fun season. Most of the details are up on the website

New this summer we will be running a 3 on 3 gym league (mix) out of the Carlsbad Community Center (look it up its not as far as you think). Again most of the details are on the website

This year I will try online registration and it should be available in the next few weeks. We have a lot of time slots for both leagues, so talk to your friends and get ready for a lot of good ball hockey this summer

2016-02-10 - changes on Friday Nights

Games will now start 10 minutes later on Fridays. The schedule has also been readjusted to accomade the school on Friday February 26

Thank You

2016-01-18 - Start of a new season

The winter season is underway, hope everyone likes their new teams. Reminder that waiver are online and should be Filled out

Some of you have been asking how to get nice MCL hockey shirts. Well thanks to some friends, you can order your shirt from this link.

Order T-shirt Here

You can also find the link under MCL General Information