hockey sticks icon

people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 x 20 minutes periods

square footage icon6,500 sq. ft gym


2024-04-27- We have a champion

Congratulations to Aging All Stars on a close victory against Shut your 5-hole. Shut your 5 hole opened up the scoring really fast, they really set the tone in the beginning of the game. Both team drew on their snipers and the period ended at 5 to 5. The second half saw more spectacular plays. The game ended 7-6 in favour of Aging All stars, but the last 2 minutes were all shut your Five hole, Goalie J.Larose did what he does best and shut the door.
What a game!

2024-04-25- Banquet

Friday Night MCL banquet will be held at Shoeless Joes on April 26 at 10pm. (After the last game of the night). Come watch the finals at 8h30 then head out to Shoeless to celebrate another great season of ball hockey.

2024-04-20- Finals

Congratulations to Aging All Stars and Shut your 5-hole you're in the finals and are playing for the coveted MCL hockey trophy (and a highly sough out quality shirt). All other teams are still playing for honour and the love of the game.
Banquet details will be coming soon
Summer season starts on May 3, still a few spots left.
Good luck to everyone

2024-04-13 - Semi-Finals

Congratulations to Aging All Stars, Shut your 5-hole,Hockey Hookers and Ben & Breakfast; you made it to the semi-finals. Everyone else still gets to play for the privilege of not being last.
Good luck to everyone!

2024-04-06 - Playoffs start

Congratulations to Aging All Stars on winning the regular season. As such, along with Shut your 5 hole they get a by to the semi-finals, hence playing for fun next week. The other teams are fighting for a spot in the semi-finals



École élémentaire publique Des Sentiers


2159 Nantes St, Ottawa
ON K4A 4C4