hockey sticks icon

people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 x 20 minutes periods

square footage icon6,500 sq. ft gym


2022-03-16 - No winter season. Moving on to Summer 2022

The School Board came out with their Stage 2 re-openning criteria and MCL Hockey did not make the cut. I apologize for getting everyone's hope up, but their messaging was not clear. In any case, MCL has signed a contract for this summer at St-Laurent Complex. Since this is run by the city, barring excessive bad luck we are good to go for a summer Start on April 29,2022. Current registrations have been cleared and the registration portal is now open for the summer registration
Thank you

2022-02-23 - Delayed Start to the season

The School board is effectively re-opening their gyms March 1st, but they are using a staggered system with phase 1 being for organization catering to youth. This is not the case for MCL hockey. Phase 2 will be announced on March 16th, let's keep our fingers crossed. I apologize for any inconvenience, but this is out of my control. Emails will be sent and website updated once I have confirmation of Phase 2.
Thank you

2022-02-01 - Winter Season

Schoolboard have announced the their gyms should be open again in March. Registration will therefore open up in mid-February for a short winter season at Ecole des sentiers. If for some reason that would fall trough we would try to get the Carlsbad gym. In any case a season start on March 4th looks promising. Keep checking the website for all the latest information

2022-01-11 - Winter Season

MCL Hockey is monitoring the COVID-19 situation, once it is safe to play MCL hockey will update this site with more details. Please check again on the fisrt week of February 2022
Thank you and Stay Healthy!



Carlsbad Springs Community Centre


6020 Piperville Road, Carlsbad Springs
ON K0A 1K0